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View our resources and tools below to get more helpful information on revenue cycle management and compliance as well as clinical operations efficiency. These are a collection of pieces that we have found over time and have shared with our clients. Due to the amount of helpfulness that these have provided, we felt it would be beneficial to share them with our audience.

  • OBRA- State of Michigan’s Training Power Point for Electronic Submission (Download)

    • This State of Michigan Power Point has detailed information on creating MiLogin access, identifying a Facility Administrator and Users, and instructions on initiating/completing online submission of 3877 and 3878 information for patients. as paper forms are being phased out. (Posted: 10/20/2020)

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  • CMS Source: Hospital Price Transparency Requirements Quick Reference Checklist (Download)

    • A valuable CMS resource for hospitals to use as a ‘quick’ reference. CMS encourages the review of the entire regulation. (Posted: 10/20/2020)

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  • Why TJC Surveys Are Getting Tougher (Download)

    • Do you really believe you’re ready for your next accreditation survey? The Joint Commission is going to be more like your State Surveyors — more critical, diving deeper, and citing more. Learn more from this download. (Posted: 8/18/2020)

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  • Document Review: Environment of Care- fire protection and suppression, emergency power, and medical gas and vacuum systems- Adapted from the Joint Commission (Download)

    • This tool will organize documentation and keep you on track with testing requirements for Joint Commission fire protection and suppression testing and inspections, emergency power systems, and medical gas and vacuum systems.  Creating a tabbed binder that corresponds to the “TAB” column in the tool will make sustaining compliance audits focused and easier, and the day of survey less stressful. (Posted: 2/26/2020)

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  • Providers and the Michigan No-Fault Act

    • In June 2019, the Governor of Michigan signed a sweeping amendment to Michigan’s Automobile No-fault system which attempted to address the high cost of insurance premiums.  Download this informative White Paper to understand how these sweeping changes will materially affect a medical provider’s billing practices. (Posted: 2/26/2020)

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  • The Keys to Optimizing Cashflow

    • Healthcare providers continue to face many challenges to ensure they are being properly reimbursed for their services.  Between all the regulatory changes, the shift to value-based reimbursement, and the influx of high deductible insurance plans, providers are finding it more and more difficult to maintain the proper cashflow to operate.  This White Paper identifies some of the key areas Above Water Consultants has assisted providers in overcoming these hurdles in the Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) process. (Posted: 8/18/2020)

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