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About Us

Above Water Consultants is a healthcare focused consulting company serving the greater Detroit area and southeast Michigan. We work with local hospitals, surgery centers, and primary care physician offices to help them reach full regulatory compliance and optimal revenue cycle management.

With 53 years of healthcare experience, we are skilled in healthcare strategy development with a focus on finances and clinical operations. We are well positioned to enhance a physician practice or facility’s ability to maximize profitability and marketability. Above Water Consultants has a proven track record in:

  • assisting clients achieve compliance validation with any conditions of reimbursement for certain insurers or other payers
  • demonstrating a commitment to excellence in quality
  • accountability and patient safety
  • establishing or increasing competitive advantage
  • improving risk management and risk reduction
  • providing a framework for creating organizational structure and management
  • minimizing liability insurance costs
  • improving customer satisfaction ratings
  • supporting continuous quality improvement efforts

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase access to healthcare by improving efficiencies and allowing our customers to focus on their core competency: patient care.

We improve healthcare providers’ ability to deliver services through optimal, proven processes in revenue cycle management, regulatory compliance, and operations. We increase cash flow, reduce operational costs, and minimize compliance gaps.

We believe knowledge is the power that provides our clients a competitive edge. We share that knowledge through education, sustained compliance monitoring tools, and processes.

Vision Statement

Leading healthcare providers to full regulatory compliance and optimal revenue cycle management to eliminate distractions from their main focus:  patient care.

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